June 21


Issaquah is making music on Saturday, June 21 in celebration of National Music Day.  NMD is the one day a year people around the world celebrate the importance of music in our lives through free, open and accessible events throughout the U.S. and the world.  Music Day is celebrated in over 450 cities and 100 countries.  On Fete de la Musique (International Music Day) musicians take to the streets, sidewalks, and parks to play. Entire communities come out to listen, dance, and join in making music. Each community organizes its own events, and each celebration has a distinct expression.

In Issaquah, musicians are taking to the streets in Downtown and Gilman Village.  In addition to the several live music venues that host live music on weekends, we are asking merchants to bring live music into their venues for the night.  There will also be several outdoor spots with bands playing.  We have designated several outdoor locations for bands that need power and several locations for solo or acoustic musicians.

We are inviting everyone who plays an instrument – school bands, symphonies, individual bands and solo musicians to come and play.  Musicians are not paid but can sell merchandise – t-shirts, cd’s, etc.

Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IssaquahMakeMusicDay