The Issaquah Valley Trolley (IVT) will begin its 2015 season with a celebration of mothers. The trolley will go into operation on Saturday, May 9. The next day, Mothers Day, the first 50 moms to ride will receive a flower, compliments of Michael Johnson, LMP. Johnson is a long-time IVT volunteer and operator of a massage practice in Issaquah for 20 years.

The trolley will operate Saturdays and Sundays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., weather permitting, through the end of September. Passengers board at the Issaquah Depot Museum, 78 First Ave. NE, Issaquah.

Boarding passes can be purchased at the ticket window in the waiting room. The fare is $5 per person, which includes the trolley ride plus admission to the Depot Museum and the Gilman Town Hall Museum. Children aged 5 and under and members of the Issaquah History Museums ride free.

Issaquah Valley Trolley passengers will get a sense of what it might have been like to arrive and depart Issaquah’s Depot when the train was a primary mode of transportation a hundred years ago. IVT conductors will entertain guests with stories about Issaquah, which began to grow after the Seattle Lake Shore & Eastern Railway came to town in 1887.

The Issaquah Valley Trolley is an all-volunteer program of the Issaquah History Museums. More help is always needed. Volunteer positions include motorman, conductor, ticket agent, platform agent, and equipment maintainer. Training is provided. Those interested in participating should email

IVT’s streetcar #519 was built in 1925 and originally ran on narrow-gauge tracks in Lisbon, Portugal. After a sojourn in Aspen, Colo, the car was acquired by IVT in 2003. It was rebuilt and converted to standard gauge by the GOMACO Trolley Company of Ida Grove, Iowa, in 2012.

IVT’s mission is to help interpret Issaquah’s history while attracting visitors to the museums and the historic downtown area. For more information go to or to


Photo cutline: Passengers greet the Issaquah Valley Trolley as it pulls in to the historic Depot Museum.

Photo by Jean Cerar