These beautiful baskets have been a delightful addition to our downtown throughout the years. Thanks to your support 25 baskets will be arriving this weekend to hang along Front Street this summer. 

Dozens of Mother’s Day cards were mailed saying a contribution was made in their honor for a flower basket in downtown Issaquah. 

 Thank you to our $250 donors which will pay for one basket and it’s maintenance for five months –  Gretchen Olsen-Jacobsen, Eastside Audiology, Jak’s Restaurant, Robyn Barfoot and Jack Kropp, Bill Ramos, Watts Properties, Fischer Meats (two baskets), ArtByFire, Issaquah Brewhouse (two baskets) and Dennis Marlow.  Baskets were also purchased in memory of Lucy and Dwight Waggoner, Diane Kenyon and Arnold Kauk. 

Thank you to GoldSim Technology for their contribution of $1000 which will pay for four baskets!

Your support is truly what makes Issaquah a wonderful place.