Fenders on Front Street

The Downtown Issaquah Association proudly presents our Annual Fenders on Front Street Car show every Father’s Day.

Vintage Car Show – Father’s Day

This FREE show begins at 8:00 and runs until 3:00.  Vehicles will be parked along Front Streetfrom Sunset to the Triple XXX parking lot.  It will be a fun filled Father’s Day event with participants coming from across the state to show their classic cars.  Thousands of visitors stroll down Front Streetto admire hundreds of vintage and classic cars. There will be live music, family activities, a trophy and award ceremony with MC Lance Lambert and an afternoon cruise to Triple XXX Drive-in.

Classic Swagger Car Show @ Triple X Rootbeer Drive-in
Jul 31 @ 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

What do you do at an outdoor car show? Look at the cars, of course! The shows at Triple XXX Root Beer are family friendly and the car owners are equally friendly. Little kids (and big little kids) will love strolling the rows of well-loved vehicles, listening to the music that accompanies each show, and maybe even stopping inside the Triple XXX for some great burgers. Depending on your interest in the cars, expect to spend 30 mins to 90 mins at each show.