Hailstone Feed Store and Shell Gas Station

Rent a piece of history for your next gathering!

Enjoy the unique spaces of the historic Shell Gas Station.

Museum and Meeting Space Rental

Hailstone Feed Store
232 Front Street North
Issaquah, WA 98027

(425) 391-1112

In Downtown Issaquah creative whimsy is known to push up through floor boards, wind through railings, revealing itself in unexpected ways.  In historic Downtown unclaimed stories buried beneath years of paint find advocates in the community with ears to listen and a vision to salvage the past for future generations.  The story here speaks to the soul about possibilities and full spectrum regeneration, the net result is a slight change in point of view and inspiration free of charge.  Be inspired here.  Rent a piece of history for your next gathering and enjoy the unique spaces of the historic Shell Gas Station and the Issaquah Train Depot.

BACKGROUND STORY:  There is speculation that the building may have been constructed as a residence in the late 1890’s and over the years records show that it was also used as a warehouse, grocery store, feed store and gasoline station. In 2003, the Downtown Issaquah Association with assistance from the City of Issaquah, private party donations and volunteers began the process of restoring the building to its 1944 appearance as the Hailstone Feed Store and Shell Gasoline Station. In the restoration process, one of the most exciting discoveries the group has made is an Owl Cigar sign painted on the back of the building. The advertisement would have been easily visible to passengers taking the train in or out of Issaquah, the chief mode of transportation at that time. The space is available to lease on an hourly basis and will accommodate up to 49 people.